Compression Socks

Previously found on the legs of diabetics and airplane pilots, compression socks have been making their way onto plenty of runners lately. This is because they’ve been shown to stimulate blood flow, reduce warm-up times and aid with recovery.

Compression socks are used by runners in attempt to recover from hard workouts and races as quickly as possible. Some runners wear compression socks to enhance performance while training and racing, others use them after a run for recovery only purposes. Luckily Elverys provide for the needs of both these runners in the form of 2XU compression socks.

2XU Performance run socks are designed to be worn during training or racing to help decrease warm-up time, prevent niggles and improve blood flow to the muscles. The ultimate goals are to prevent injury and improve performance.

2XU 24/7 compression socks are ideal for everyday use especially for those who sit or stand for long periods of time throughout the day. The best time to wear these socks is post exercise. The increased blood flow will help remove unwanted lactic acid in the muscles and get fresh oxygenated blood in to help speed up the recovery process.

2XU is the leading global compression brand and can be found in selected Elverys stores or online at The brand offers a premium product which is researched in the Australian Institute of Sport. 2XU products are of medical grade compression and are designed to last. The brand is worn by the Navy Seals, NBA players, Prima ballerinas and also by patients in the London’s Children’s Hospital, proving its ability and strength.

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