Nutrition tips you need to know

With the final countdown now on to race day Saturday fueling your race adequately is very important. Check out these top nutrition tips from Louise Sharkey at Vita- Nutrition.

1. DO NOT change any of your diet in the run up to and the morning of the race. Eat food that you normally eat, if you do not eat a lot of carbs do not start carb-loading now.

2.Take a diorolyte the day before and the morning of the race to ensure adequate electrolyte levels. Even without hot weather, electrolytes are lost during exercise which can affect muscle function.

3. Have easy to digest meals the days before, for your evening meal before race keep it simple, chicken/fish with some white rice and greens. All easy to digest but contain an appropriate amount of carbs, proteins and fats.

4. On the morning of the race have your usual breakfast at least 3 hours before, ideally porridge made with whole milk and some berries +/- an egg.

5. 1-2 hours before the race consume some easy to digest foods like dried fruits, crackers, banana etc plus hydrating liquids like water.

Louise studied Biochemistry as her primary degree, and has always been interested in life sciences and followed a business path into pharmaceutical medicine for over 15 years. She established Vita-Nutrition, after retraining as a nutritional therapist. She firmly believes we are what we eat and has a real respect for modern medicine but also believes that one is not exclusive to the other and that both are important for optimal health. Vita-Nutrition takes an evidence-based approach to nutrition for life and not just a short-term solution or a quick fix to weight loss or health issues.

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