Galway Bay Chamber Challenge Launched

chamberchallengeThe Galway Chamber of Commerce have just launched the Run Galway Bay Chamber Challenge. The Galway Chamber is encouraging companies to enter teams in the 10K – the winning Chamber Challenge team will be decided based on the highest place finish positions of the first four members of the team. There is no limit on the number of people in a team but a minimum of four is required.
Companies can enter more than one team if they wish. There are three prize categories – all Male, all Female and Mixed teams. Remember that €5 from every person entered goes to Cancer Care West. Special team entry price of €32.50 per person. President of the Galway Chamber, Frank Greene sees this as a very important initiative, “We would encourage all businesses in the region to promote participation in the new Galway Chamber Challenge. Galway Chamber is keen to emphasise the benefits of a healthy work force to employers and employees alike. The new Galway Chamber Corporate Challenge offers a fantastic opportunity to combine team building and general fitness with a unique networking opportunity! We look forward to seeing companies of all sizes participating from the multinationals, to the retailers to the trades – we want to see them all represented.”
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